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ImageColor, light & space: Lamma 1...Welcome home

"I want the people living here to come into Lamma 1 after work on their boat in the evenings and feel they are a thousand miles away from the tightness and pressure of the city, a place with a sense of permanence, a private place to play with their children and relax, swim in the pool and laugh with friends. A place that is warm, unique and soulful: a home." - Bobby Li CEO and Managing Director.


Just a short boat ride from Aberdeen = BlissImage

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In Nga Kau Wan we have designed and built 11 one-of-a-kind, luxury homes right on the beach for families who want a better choice than living on Mid-Levels or the Peak. We think we have gone far better than that and have created one of the most unique living environments available. The location, size and facilities of Lamma 1 homes are unparalleled in Hong Kong, making it one of the top locations for family living in the territory.

In short, this is a blissful location, impressive, private, convenient and luxurious. If you want to see the definition of "green with envy", just invite guests over in the private boat for dinner and drinks by the pool and watch their jaws drop as you turn the corner into the bay.
Every home has expansive ocean views from the living room and master bedroom as standard, and a garden of approximately 385 to 2,600 sq ft. There is a 58 ft Infiniti swimming pool and a fully equipped glass fronted gymnasium exclusively for the residents.You have a 24 hour private boat on call for your family and friends. The list goes on...

The view from the boat as you turn into the bay

Contact us to arrange a viewing, you can then talk to us about the inspiration behind the development and have a look at a place that raises the level of what it means to be a home owner in Hong Kong. Welcome to Lamma 1. Welcome home.


 24 hour private boat
 Ocean views from all master bedrooms and living rooms
 58-ft infiniti swimming pool, decking, sun loungers and shades
 Fully equipped gymnasium
 24/7/365 security